Our container service: mobile disposal

If you want to dispose of production waste, bulky refuse, construction waste, building mixed waste, or garden waste, you need the right container for removals. Our container service is the solution for you, because we provide you with the correct waste container for your requirements and take care of the transport and the professional disposal.

Containers are a simple and easy solution for the removal of waste; this is also why the waste removal industry uses waste containers and swap-body loaders across the board.

As a medium-sized waste removal specialist, we always have containers on site at our locations in Erfurt, Weimar und Bad Langensalza. Our container service thus offers the flexibility and container selection that makes a good solution. Tuned to the local requirements, the transport path, and depending on the type of waste and amount, we provide the required type of container or the right vessel.

The modern trucks in the Thüringen Recycling fleet are on the streets in the metropolitan area of Erfurt, in the Weimar region, Bad Langensalze, and in all of Thuringia. Regionally, we are one of the leading container service suppliers and, of course, we will help you with pertinent advice. If, for example, you don’t know how to dispose of certain types of waste or large amounts of mixed bulky refuse, we can help you. Especially in the areas of dangerous waste materials such as waste oil, electronic scrap, lacquer, paint, asbestos, old tyres, or other dangerous materials, you should contact us.

For an individual, single retrieval as well as for long-term disposal concepts, we have the right container, bins, or vessel for you. Call, write us, or order your container online immediately. In any case, we would be pleased to support you and we will take care of everything.

Containers and bins at a glance: That fits!

  • Mulden - dump containers
  • Containers with and without a lid
  • big bags
  • press container
  • Lockable bins
  • Large containers, roll-off containers
  • emptying container
  • Security containers and file collectors