Data media destruction: guaranteed never to be read again.

In the digital age, the famous briefcase on the go is no longer the security risk. With all types of digital media, huge amounts of confidential files and security-relevant data can fall into the wrong hands. With our professional data media destruction, we prevent the abuse of old data media.

It is important that you never simply dispose of your data carriers in normal waste without any precautions. Confidential data and files can otherwise be accessed and made public. The consequences of this cannot be foreseen and in some cases can threaten a company’s existence.

The complete physical destruction of data carriers securely precludes later access to the information stored on them. Our professional data carrier destruction includes a seamless security chain with the retrieval, monitored transport, and the final destruction of all data carriers. The storage device is shredded by qualified specialists using special machines. The destroyed raw materials are professionally processed and recycled.

So, if you want to dispose of old data carriers, or x-ray images after their required retention period, we can help you. Just call or write to us! We assure you of the absolutely secure and irrevocable destruction of your information and data carriers.

Your specialist for shredding files in Erfurt, Weimar, Bad Langensalza, and all of Thuringia. With fair solutions and answers to all questions about data media destruction.

Our data carrier destruction security chain at a glance

  • Order (online - by phone - e-mail) of a lockable container
  • Lieferung des Sicherheitscontainers frei Haus
  • Free delivery of the security container
  • Collection of the container with a written acceptance protocol
  • Supervised removal by qualified personnel
  • Destruction of the data carrier: The reproducibility of the data is impossible
  • Documentation and issuance of a destruction protocol in accordance with the Data Protection Act

Disk destruction for...

  • Videos - CDs and DVDs - Floppy disks - ZIPs - Magnetic tapes - X-rays - Films