"FAIRrecycling" - that word contains the basic message of our philosophy.

The fair dealing with our customers and staff is an essential of our philosophy. Our aim is to shape our services along the needs of our customers, to offer them for a comprehensible price that mirrors the value of the service adequately.

It is important for us to offer a convenient working atmosphere to our staff, which encourages and supports them to comply with the daily requirements of our customers. We are no "hire-and-fire" company. Long lasting working periods exceeding up to twenty years are a common standard in our company. At the same time all what we do is an important contribution to the protection of resources and environment.

The recycling of waste helps to feed the hunger for resources of a constantly growing world population. Our field of action is not limited to Thuringen or Germany - our activities sprawl over many countries in the world, where we buy or sell commodities or where we employ our know how in order to spread the recycling idea.

If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing well.

The successful development of our company in difficult times is thanks to the personal dedication and loyalty of our employees and the courage of the shareholders. We now feel even more connected to the social environment in which we work. We are pleased to support several socially-conscious projects and collaboration projects with kindergartens and clubs in the region.

The TRE Group is also growing to the benefit of our customers. Hofeditz GmbH is an established industry leader and a new member of the group. We were thus able to use Clean Factory concepts to set up our services for the industrial segment even more comprehensively and holistically.

Two hundred employees in four German and one Chinese site stand behind our name. We invite you to try us out. Contact us or send us your requests by email.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your objectives!

Lars Kossack